I have to move my alarm clock

I keep hitting snooze in the mornings...it's getting out of hand. I set the alarm and extra 10 minutes early just in case and I'm glad I did, or I would have missed my bus. I still got up and got in 35 minutes at resistance 3 with 15% incline on the elliptical (523 calories), but I could have done more...there just wasn't time. I feel great though.

Must go...I have to work all day, then stay in and work some more - probably until close to midnight (swinging friday,I know!) finishing off a project. The instrument I need to do it is (oddly enough) free on friday evenings - go figure eh? :)
...so a busy day, but tomorrow I can relax with J.

On the food front, I've decided that I'm not going to count calories, but I *will* start journalling my food on monday (not sure if I'll do it here or just at home...this blog is dull enough at times without a list of food on it). Perhaps paying better attention to what I eat will help me keep portions in check. We shall see.

Have a happy weekend all!

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Cara said...

Maybe you could journal your food in a side panel.

Good job on working out today and good luck getting through today!