Being watched

I find it amusing that my physical efforts are entertainment for my cats.

Usually it's my cat trying to crawl all over me as I work out or watching me on the elliptical from the top of the bookshelf. This morning, my husband's cat (who largely ignores me unless there is food involved) came down and sat on the couch as I did my ball tape, meowing and howling encouragement at me as I worked. I choose to think it was encouragement and not mockery...he's not that mean hearted. Geek did his usual crawl on me and "helped" me do situps and pushups by adding furry resistance.

I'm glad they're taking an interest in my life, but it's odd having them *watch* me.
They're far more interested in it than I am it seems...I suppose I'll have to feed them before I exercise and see if it helps keep them off...


Cara said…
hahha my pups do the same thing, but worse, they try to kiss me every time I go up for a sit up, or push up, etc. It is hilarious, although it makes the whole thing a bit harder ;-)
IAAdmin said…
Does your cat have the headphones on as he watches you?

Scrumpy's Baker said…
My cats think I'm nuts for working out. I can just see it in their faces. "Lady, you are an idiot. Fat and sassy is where it's at. Get off that bike, get on the floor in that sunny patch and take a nap for crying out loud. Oh, but first we could really use a refill on the food bowl."
Reb said…
My cat helps too! He has no idea that I could fall and crush him though when I am doing Yoga and he walks under me and flicks his tail in my face. He loves it when I am touching my toes, he figures my hands are down there to pet him and if I am doing anything on my back, he has to try to crawl up on my belly.

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