I broke my bottom

Soo...my husband found my workout DVD (yay!) so I could do my ball workout this morning and actually see the peoples instructing me instead of an audio file from the computer - it was nice. I did it all, as well as some side curls, and then went for the 20 squates and lunges again, to keep up with the ass challenge, even tho I was already stiff. The squats were a bit easier today, but the lunges...well my right leg was into it, but my left leg was fatigued by the end of it so my last few lunges were rather pathetic...but I tried.
And wow...is my butt sore. It's odd, as usually when I'm stiff there's other muscles involved, like my whole back or sholders or legs. Now? Just my butt, all on it's own. It's odd.
I know it gets better with time, but seeing as we're going away on a romantic holiday soon I'd rather it did rather quickly, so I'm not hobbling about like a senior citizen while we're gone...perhaps I'll lay off a few days before we go. Unfortunately crunchy does not always = sexy :)
Ah well. I had breakfast this morning (mini wheats), so I'm off to a good start. And now...I must go be a good little scientist.

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Cara said...

That was me last week... but broken, etc. haha. :-)