Hurry back please

Worked out this sandwichy delays.
33 minutes on incline 15% with magnetic resistance 3 (out of 10). The machine said I burned 476 calories...not too shabby. J has been shaming me...he is up to 50 minutes at resistance 5 and incline 25%. I am not that crazy...but it gave me the kick I need to ramp things up a bit. I never realise how much difference the magnetic resistance makes until the last minute when I go down to zero resistance for a's crazy. I need to challenge myself to improve.
And now, I feel really great! Happy endorphins all around.
I'd like to get up to 40 minutes on the machine by the time temperature gets near zero, so that I have a good base when I staat running again. I really can't wait...I'd like to run a 10 K marathon this year. I hope I hope. I'm not sure what my knees will think of it, but I sure owuld like to try.
I'm slowly starting to get muscle tone back. It's amazing how slowly it comes back and how quickly it goes away :) Hurry hurry back please.

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