Food for thought

I had a nice relaxing weekend...I got the cooking bug and cooked up a storm all weekend - I made multi grain flapjacks, tofu parmesan and some delish homemade pizza last night. I made homemade granola bars too, which are yummy. I love knowing exactly what's in my granola preservatives and all my favorite stuff. And they're so easy to make, I honestly don't buy granola bars anymore...years of experimentation and munching have made for some tasty healthy snacks for us. I didn't work out on the weekend, but we went for a 3 hour walk on Saturday, as it was a beautiful -4 out. We went for an hour walk on Sunday too as it was so nice. J and I got to spend the whole weekend together, which is rare, and I loved every minute of it. Naps in the sun and lazy evenings watching funny was so nice :)

This morning I crawled out of bed and worked out...I hit snooze too many times, but still fit in a full workout. I did 35 minutes at 15% incline at resistance 3. The whole thing at resistance 3 again...that's exciting to make a bit of progress I can actually see by being able to up the pace a bit and still do it. Now I need to expand the length of my workouts...soon the snow and ice will mel;t and I can be outside again. This weekend the melting started, but it's rather slippery, so until I invest in some ice spikes for my shoes, I don't want to risk falling on my head running about on icy paths. I'm itching to be out there after my weekend walks though. Working out in the basement with cats staring at me from the top of the bookshelves is just *not* the same :) *AND* they just posted the date for the 10 Km fun run I want to do this summer...I did the 5K last year as my learn to run and I'm a bit nervous but very excited to do the 10Km this year. It'll light a fire under my butt to have a goal and keep me disciplined in my the snow just needs to melt so I can get at it!

I have been trying to work multigrains and healthy things into our diet this month. My attempt at multigrain flapjacks (J calls them flapcakes) was a huge success - they were tasty and fluffy with a hint of cinnamon and honey. I made some fruit sauce, which certainly didn't hurt :) I also added some flax powder to a strawberry banana smoothie I made yesterday and it was really I'm going to do that all the time now. And I am going to try my best to be healthy food wise this week. I know pizza isn't entirely healthy, but I made whole wheat crust and used really good roast turkey and low fat cheese, so I don't feel too bad about it. Food really is my weakness and my indulgence all in one, so I need to find way sto make what I eat healthy. Then it's back at looking at my portion size again. I gave away my food scale to a relative who needed it to start modifying her diet once she was diagnosed with diabetes, so now I'm sort of eyeballing portions...and I'm not too good at it. I saw a cute digital scale for ~$20 and I may pick one up for when I need it. Portion sizing is something I've always had trouble with and it's how I consume too much. If it's there I'll eat it, but if it isn't I generally won't miss it. And passing the extra over to J to eat when I'm full just sabotages him, so I need to find a way to keep both our food intakes at a regular level. I just like food, what can I say?
Eating healthy is a lot of fun for me - I love to cook and bake. It's exciting to try new healthy foods. I'm learning how to cook new things (like lentil curry...yum) and trying to make our diet better bit by bit, so we continue our healthy's to a healthy week!

Music to work out to: Prodigy - Fat of the Land

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FUNNYMAN said...

I only wish my mom and I could cook like you.