The Worst Sandwich Ever Made

It's been a wierd day...after J woke me up to say bye when he left for work I drifted off to sleep and had a truly odd dream...about having to eat the Worst Sandwich Ever Made.
I don't recall how I got the point of being given the sandwich, but I was presented with this hideous thing to eat on my own...a large loafy onion bun with some sort of smelly corned beef and pastrami, gorganzola cheese, and then this whipped topping (about 1 inch thick) of creamed goo full of onion, garlic and horseradish...and obcene amounts of mustard and pickles (which I don't like). NO vegetables. Nada. I rememeber taking a bite to be polite and gagging...and still eating it for some reason, hating every minute of it, trying to finish it so I could leave. And all the while, some horrible death metal music was playing on the stereo, which I kept going and turning off, and someone else kept turning back on.
I finally awoke, after having hit snooze about 5 times in my sleep thinking "What was *that* all about?". I had snoozed through my workout time and was on the verge of very soon being late for work...apparently my brain REALLY wanted that extra sleep. Unfortunately *I* wanted the workout. Hopefully I can fit it in when I get off work tonight...I workout in themornings because I can't fit it in any other time.

Very wierd.
Not only am I moving my clock away from the bed...I do not want to have a sandwich for a very long time. I really need to workout in the mornings and I can't have my brain getting in the way.
Some of my coworkers said they had wierd dreams too last night. Somethig in the water maybe?

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Crabby McSlacker said...

Too funny about the sandwich! I haven't been making enough effort to remember my dreams lately--if I don't actively try, then they fade away too quickly. I really should keep a pad of paper by the bed but I'm too lazy for that.