Well, back at it.
It was so sad to get up at 5:40 again...*sniff*
But, I did my exercise ball workout, as well as some side curls and 20 squats and 22 lunges...they're so much easier to do when your butt isn't sore :) I'm able to do puchups further out from the ball than when I started so that is encouraging. I have to say, exercise balls are wonderful for doing muscle toning work...wven situps seem more fun when there's a ball involved.
I don't feel stiff yet from the squats and such, but I'm sure tomorrow I'll have a bit of an ache again...it was nice to focus on technique though and not just trying to get through them all. And I hope it will get easier as it goes along. I got the running itch this weekend when we were away, as it was so nice inEdmonton we were outside without jackets. It's still cold here, but not as bad as it was...still too cold for me torun yet. But soon...I hope.

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Scrumpy's Baker said...

You're going to inspire me to get my exercise ball out and actually use it!