Doooodeleeeee dooooo

Well, I hit snooze once, but I did get up to do 33 minutes @ 15% incline on the crosstrainer this morning. My legs and butt ached this morning, so I had to alternate back and forth between level 2 and level 3 resistance on the machine in 5 minute intervals as my thighs and butt were starting to burn...but I did it. I didn't do the squats and lunges though. I remembered you're supposed to give a day off when you weight train. Plus, my ass and legs are rally quite sore, and while I like the reminder I'm pushing myself, I don't want to hurt myself, so there will be more lunges tomorrow (oh boy).
I feel really good though, as I had some miniwheats for breakfast (I could eat them all day) and a healthy supper last night (BLT sandwich on a flax bagel with turkey bacon and carrots and apple). I would like to find a sweetener that doiesn't taste like chemicals though. The whole "tastes like sugar!" thing is *so* not true. I've yet to find something I can put in my coffee to cut back on the amount of sugar I drink in it a day that doesn't taste off. I've taken to drinking tea at home, but here at's hard to resist. I could take the approach of drinking less coffee, but I'm stubborn - I'd rather do this first. I just finished a cup with milk and Splenda and blech...I can still taste the sweetener.
I've had some spare time what with it being colder than the eternal bowels of space outside and to fight cabin fever I've been puttering. Seeing as we'll be off to a romantic holiday, I've put off the baking-type puttering and been doing some tidying the past few days. Bit by bit the clutter is being fought back, and it feels nice to be inside my home and not look about and see thigns I need to do. I've been attacking little things each day when I see them...and stopping when I'm sick of it and it's gone well. Tonight I'm going out with a good friend for coffee that I haven't seen in a while...I'm looking forward to sweetner either.

Good start to a good day I think. :)

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Scrumpy's Baker said...

You're doing a great job, on the exercise and the clutter cutting!