Slowly but firmly

Well it was up this morning and doing the ball workout DVD. Only one helpful cat today, so I made it through relatively unfurred. Did some side curls too, and I even did 20 squats...but only 10 lunges. The muscles right above my knees started to hurt a lot by the time I'd neared 10, so I stopped after 10. I think I'll have to ease into the lunges so I can still go up staircases without squinting with stiff pain. It's the same pain I got when my legs were getting used to running. I know soon it'll stop, but I don't want to spend the weekend hobbling about. I'd rather enjoy myself and have the ability walk around all by myself :)
It *is* fabulous how much muscle tone I've gained back, just in about 2 weeks. It's so encouraging - makes me want to keep at it. And I love being able to feel my muscles move about...neato. I just have to keep at the lunges and increase them a bit every other day. One thing running taught me was to listen to my body and when to take a step back and ease into things so I wouldn't get hurt. So I must be patient...someday my ass will come


Cara said...

Are you sure the ass isn't already there? You are kicking butt so far :-)

Crabby McSlacker said...

That "listening to your body" thing? SO smart.

I agree with cara, it does sound like you're kicking butt. Way to go!