PMA Day 4: forgot about my new toy!

Long day yesterday...dealing with some very frustrating people, but on the whole things went well. I got home tired, so I just went to bed early...

I got up this morning and did 32 minutes on the elliptical. I was very careful about form and rotation of my knee and my new shoes really helped keep my leg in better alignment. My legs seem OK after wit some stretching. I also did a bunch of crunches.
And I forgot to use my heart rate monitor! I can't believe it...I thought about it when I was half done...there is one on the handles of our elliptical but it's not very accurate - besides...I have a new toy! Can't believe I didn't try it! Next time for sure :)

My cat tried to eat my oatmeal this morning...I ran upstairs to grab my iPod and came down to see a little head in my bowl starting to lick at it...grr. I didn't have time to make more so I admit I just spooned out the little edge where he'd licked at it, half-heartedly punished him with the water sprayer and then ate the rest. I don't think that's gross...maybe I'm wrong. Do you?? Should I be punished for having kitty germs...? I don't want my cat up eating food from bowls...but it's oatmeal with brown sugar and cream as we ran out of milk...hard to resist for me too...


azusmom said…
Nah, a few kitty (or doggie) germs never hurt anyone, lol! Plus, it's a pretty cute image, the cat eating your oatmeal.
I love cats. And dogs. We have a wonderful dog. I'd like a cat, too, but Hubby's allergic.
Wow. Talk about a tangent! What I MEANT to say was that I hope your shiny new heart rate monitor is everything you want it to be and more!
Lucas said…
I'm not worried about my kitty's germs. I'm just worried about the night he decides to steal my soul while I sleep. God watch over us all!
Zhoen said…
Yes, it is wrong to spray your cat. They have no clue why you are doing it, and learn not to trust you. Positive reinforcement is the only effective training method for any animal, cats especially.

As for a bit of cat lick, they don't really carry germs that bother humans, so no biggie.
Geosomin said…
That wasn't what I'd asked about, but I see your point. But the thing is - how do you positively tell someone not to do something...when they don't know english...and are fully aware that what they are doing is not right. I get the rewarding positive behavior thing. That works...but there are things you must stop animals from doing.
Geek knew when I walked in the room what he was doing was wrong. He hunched down and looked all remorseful...and yet he did it. what do you do in that situation?
I don't like any sort of negative discipline either, but I am often in a quandry as to what to do in situations like that.
There has to be some form of discipline...

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