bhangra and bellydancing. Yes. Good...

I got up this morning...shut off the alarm once I was sitting up!
Bellydance last night was a lot of fun. We learned a lot of bhangra moves as we're going to use them as warmups-want a good cardio thing? Bhangra dancing. Seriously. And it's so much fun to screw in the light bulb...:) We danced our groove out to this much fun! (this version without all the rapping is much better...) We did some sword balance practice too. That was great. I'm getting better slowly. My sword only fell off's so cool to get to use it :)
So this morning I wanted to do more bellydance...I remembered why I love it so much.

So I whipped out my tribal fusion drill DVD with yoga warmup. Love this DVD. Good stretch out and then 2 full sets of drills for arms, shoulders, chest, hips and legs. Solid 30 minute of movement in each set of drills. I did set one...ah that lovely arm burn you get form tribal burns so good!!
Had my oatmeal and a trial of a glass of pink lemonade metamucil for breakfast. Know what? Man that stuff is yummy. Really. I would drink it by choice...quite tasty. Good to know all things good for me don't have to taste bad. We'll see how much of it I need to doc said a glass every other day to start would be a good way to go. We shall see...I have the slowest digestion system on the planet and I'm trying myself digest things better (TMI I know sorry) so hopefully this, together with all the veg and whole grains will make me a new woman on the inside.

Today I'm pensive. It would have been my parent's 50th wedding anniversary.
My Dad (such a sweetheart) has a bouquet of flowers and their wedding photo out today to celebrate all those years together. For him the memories are getting sweeter. I'm glad. I know I'll be thinking of her today...

50 years.
I hope I am so lucky...:)

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