Grand schemes for the weekend

Last night was a twinge party for my knee. The weather has been suddenly cold, and I don't know what the deal is, but it's not painful...just odd weird twinges all evening. So I took it easy this morning-no workout. My knee feels better in the AM and is not doing what it was, so I will work out after work when I get home. Seems like a plan. I think I'm just going to listen to my body and as I gain strength in the leg muscles this will become less and already feels stronger. That's a very good thing.I'm hoping due diligence is the key to rebuilding strength in my knee and my core. I'm not giving up, that's all I know...
I'm psyching myself up for a weekend of MSc work as I have to get my first progress report together for monday for my supervisor to look over before I send it to my committee. I have to try and coherently show what I've gotten done so far and explain my plans for the next 6 months...heh heh. Actually it's not too bad, when I put it down on paper. It's making it coherent that is always a bit of a challenge for me. I tend to say too much and make things I have learned to start early and edit edit edit...then edit a lot more. And I made a flowchart, which I think will work well to track what I've done and need to do. (It's got pretty colours...) It is inspired by, and almost as good as this one from Toothpaste for Dinner:

I am excited as this weekend is the annual local Indian Cultural Society vegetarian banquet to raise money for their hindi classes and much needed temple renovations. It's become a bit of a tradition that one of the ladies I work for invites us over and gets us all dressed up in proper Sari's and we have a fun evening out together dressed in fine silk, bangles and bindis. And sunday is a baby shower for our once very pregnant Postdoc-I'm looking forward to seeing her little baby, Arman.
Mix in a bunch of work in the free time around all that and it will be a full weekend...but a good one. If I can I'll fit in some workouts, or at least nice long main focus will be my MSc project though.
Whew...I will try and keep the stressed out snacking to a minimum. I have a feeling I'll be drinking my weight in tea :)
Hope you all have grand schemes for the weekend!

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Sagan said...

Hope your knees are feeling better- that sounds like such a fun weekend! The banquet must have been fantastic.