Nice weekend. How about you?

Well hey.
I got out for a long walk on the weekend (it's been all warm and melty lately) and this morning I was up and did 30 minutes on the elliptical again with lots of stretching after.

We went out for Vietnamese food on the weekend (after going to 2 other restaurants first that were randomly closed - Indian or Burmese food t be found for some reason. We were starving by the time we got to Red Pepper and overjoyed that they were open!). Yum. Salad rolls...wonton soup...noodle bowl. Yum. Other than that - healthy eating all around. I had a beer, but I figure 1 beer as a reward for working hard in the lab won't kill me.

I got lots done on my MSc and my kitchen is back I have to finish up the doors to put them back on.
All in good time.
Just popped in to log my workout, but I must go.

Science beckons...

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