PMA: Day 2...Dance Fusion kicks my butt

Last night I ended up in bed early, so it was no big deal to get up at 5:15 and workout. I took a risk and popped in my Dance Workout's a solid all body workout. Haven't been able to do all of it for a while because of my knee. I figured I'd give it a go.
Whew! It was hard. Harder than I remember, but I did it all. If you're looking for a solid workout DVD that uses all the major bellydance muscle groups and adds in cardio check this DVD out. I like takes a full hour with the full cool down, but it's great.

The good thing is, I could do it all...even the lungy squatty parts. I was careful - no jerky movements, no extending my knees over my feet and I got through it all - no strains or knee pains or clicks. My knee is a bit stiff now, but not sore. No popping as of yet, so maybe these new shoes are worth it after all. We shall see. Ideally I would have liked to go out for a power walk, but it's still a bit too cold yet...soon. I want to use my new HR watch :) I'll try and do this twice a week for now...
Tasty oatmeal breakfast and an easy lunch of leftovers (mataar paneer and rice. yum) and I'm off to work. So far so good :)
Onward Comrades to victory :)

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