Operation Pimp My Ass: Day 1

I had a glorious weekend. It was one like normal people have - 2 whole freaking days of nothing. Saturday off. I *know*. I haven't had a saturday off in about 2 months. I am beside myself with squee.

And am I ready for looking after me? Hells Yes.

Saturday I had to go and try on my deep red halter style (think 1950s Marylin Monroeish) dress that I'm wearing for my friend's wedding to make sure it fit. And did it? Hells yeah! Like a glove. A sexy red glove. I look seriously fierce in it. :) Good way to start the day.

Then we went for sushi and were all girly, finding her a veil and tiara and jewelry for us girls to wear with our amazing dresses. She picked a colour and let us pick the style, as long as they were cocktail length, so we all look fantastic...great idea.

And the rest of the day? Well, J was working, but I had the car (squeee)...so after hanging with my friend a bit I made my rounds to get ready for my Pimp My Ass program that began this morning.

I now have a 6" foam roller for stretching. I have a T4 polar heart rate monitor watch (red!!!)

I have a great new pair of Asics 1150 gel sole runners to correct my pronating ankles. They only come in a very pinky purple...but my feet are worth it. I'm trying to convince myself it's purple. Definitely not pink. Nope. Nosirree...They feel like little purple pillows. I am way overdue for new shoes...like a year. No wonder I'm having knee issues.I even ordered the 2 fitness mini bands I need for my Core Fitness program so when they come I can begin. I took the time to look after me. I felt so amazing-after trying out some workout wear (which I didn't get) I even decided to go with the freakishly good mood I was in and did a bit of shopping...and I found a great pair of jeans, dress pants, a few shirts and even a nice 2 piece bathing suit. All on sale. All fitting great.

A full evening of relaxing with udon soup and I felt like a relaxed new woman.
And there was a whole other day yet!

Sunday I spent indulging and relaxing too, altho I did get my kitchen cupboard doors sanded and primed...gotta do *something* so I felt a bit useful. I made croissants (oh. my. god. I know they're bad for you. I only ate one...for breakfast, with scrambled eggs and some bacon...but oh. my. god...), some irish lamb stew and biscuits with some Guinness, lime custard (green!) (St. Paddy's day a bit late) and a tiny bag of Walkers cheese and onion chips while watching a movie (which I of course fell asleep during...such is my life lately). Ate too much, and this AM I weigh precisely 134.5 pounds, which is frustrating and what I expected, but yet but I know where I'm at and I'm ready to go. You have to start somewhere, and I ate my way up to that and I am prepared for it. I feel happy, healthy and sufficiently indulged and ready to go.

This AM I was up at 5:20, did my exercise ball DVD, and packed a great salad with veggies and a few nuts and bit of cheese and a can of tuna or protein. Had oatmeal for breakfast and I'm ready to go. Knee is stiff, but OK so far.

Oh yeah. My ass and me? We're going places :)

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Charlotte said...

I loveLOVElove this post! Your red dress sounds totally hot - and like something I'd wear (red's my fave color too!!!). Love your asics, love your Polar. Love your kick-A attitude!