Note to's not rude to plan ahead...

After a very frustrating morning of being rushed I did not have time to work out or eat breakfast...or much of anything other than to sit and wait. I need to remember that my husband takes longer than me in the mornings (twice as long as me *ahem*)...the odd morning we have to get ready at the same time is always a gong show. I'm quite the routine girl and need to just get up earlier and make sure I have time to do what I need or I get all flustered and screwed up...if I had worked out I'd be all sweaty and gross as there was no time for me to get a proper shower...I didn't want to be up and ready for work an hour early and was out late visiting a friend last night so I thought I'd sleep in a bit and have a quick shower - that didn't work. I should have gotten up early before J...I know he's a slow morning person. I never learn... I suppose it's a blessing I didn't get up and get all sweaty and smelly working out seeing as I have 2 important meetings today. Nothing says professional like stale sweat :)


I grabbed yogurt and berries and a coffee at Tim Hortons on my way to the bus, and I hope it tides me over until lunch...I have a lunch meeting but it should be healthy at least. Man...what an annoying way to start a day.

At least I have a pleasant muscle burn in my shoulders butt and thighs...lets me know I did something. Perhaps tonight when I get home I will work out on the eliptical...yes...that will do the trick...I was going to go out for a walk, but it snowed. Winter's last hurrah...


Lucas said…
UGH! Snow in March is just BRUTAL! Here's to brighter days with less rush!
Sagan said…
I love the feeling of a good muscle burn after a workout!

And much as I adored my roommate when he lived with me, I LOVE living on my own, largely because I don't have to worry about being rushed when someone else is also getting ready for the workday in the morning :D

I hope your meetings went well!

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