Sun sun sun here it comes...

Last night at bellydance class we did a lot of practicing, and more zill work. I loved it. I find I'm losing my self consciousness and don't worry so much about "maybe screwing up" anymore.
After all, how else am I going to learn?
My instructor brought one of her snakes to class. When she solos, she dances with one of her 2 corn snakes wrapped around her. She brought her little red one Ruby for us to see after class...beautiful thing. Bright red and inquisitive...and soft as velvet.

This morning I was good and got up to do 31 minutes on the elliptical. Then a few minutes cool down, with some sit-ups and lots of stretching. I so very much want to do more...but I'm trying to be patient. Three 30 minute elliptical workouts a week plus bellydance the other 2 for now. I'm easing my knee back in properly. I will ease it into that by the time the great spring melt is over I can go out for walks (jogs?) in the mornings.

Already the sun was starting to lighten the sky as I ate my breakfast. Soon it'll be up when I'm's so much easier getting up to workout when the sun is up too. And I will keep looking after myself even as life gets more and more crazy. Luckily my lovely J has been very supportive and what little time I get to spend with him is so very nice...this weekend we have tickets to a play and a family birthday dinner so I will get plenty of good relaxing in. Today is my day off work so I can put in 2 full days of work on my MSc project today ad tomorrow, which will put my mind at ease as well...

Well, I'm off to that then.
Have a good weekend all :)

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azusmom said...

I LOVE snakes! (Is that weird?)
Your class sounds like a lot of fun. Have a great weekend!