More tired than I thought

Last night I was more tired than I thought and kept falling asleep, so J nudged me in the direction of the bedroom and I was asleep by 9. I slept through full to this morning, and then some. I was all snuggled in and hit snooze a few times. Then I didn't workout, but I did a bunch of stretching, and then the rest of my workout time putting together a huge batch of chili in the slow cooker (I was supposed to do it last night but forgot in my sleepyness...ahem...), made healthy lunches and breakfast and was out the door to the bus right on time. I feel so utterly rested. It's lovely. :)
I have been having spinach salads for lunch lately as I bought a HUGE bin of organic spinach last week and it needed to be eaten up. I've had spinach in everything lately. Yummy. Today is the last of it. I'm having it with an avocado and some nuts and veggies for a lovely full salady lunch. I find as long as I have some kind of protein with my veggies (felafel's, chicken or avocado) I find it's a nice lunch that doesn't weight me down and takes no time at all to put together. Yum. My coworkers think I'm slightly mad with these giant spinach salads, but I've noticed they sort of watch me eat rather enviously...he heh. Tasty food makes the day go by so much better. It's almost a little ritual to assemble the salad...very zen. (yes...the zen of salad...)

Today I have another full day, but in the end, after work and a long meeting I get home late to delicious chili. Mmmm...
Later taters.


Lucas said…
Hey there! You know, you come to my blog all the time and I never come to yours but that's all about to change. I hope you're ready! :) I am also having a salady week but with tons of spinach, beets and broccoli. They are a thing of beauty, aren't they??? I think my salad today warrants a picture, it's so pretty. Happy munching! And thanks for being such a frequent visitor to my garden!
Charlotte said…
Mmm - Spinach salad is the best! Glad you listened to your body with the resting and stretching!!

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