I'm taking my fate into my hands...and eying up the FT4 heart rate training "computer" watch...anyone have any opinions of it? No not the pink girly one...the silver cool one...:)
I need a HR monitor for my Core Performance for women fitness program that I want to start soon...along with some stretch bands and a foam roller. This weekend is pimp my fitness. I'm on a mission. Core Fitness is supposed to help strengthen joints. I need to stop whining about my knee and just find alternatives...So here I go.

So...yeah...heart rate monitoring fitness watch thingummies. Know of a better one?
(preferably under $100...as I need shoes too and I'm a grad student...)



Lucas said...

I have a Polar, run of the mill, 99 bucks, bought it at Target HRM and I love it! I find myself working out just a little longer to hit 500 cals or 600 cals or whatever. And it lets me know which exercises are more effective for me. Whatever type you get, I HIGHLY recommend using it whenever you work out. :) As for being a poor grad student who also needs shoes, I just learned that Famous Footwear sells Saucony's for WAY LESS than I am paying right now! SUCK! So get yer ass over there and check it out.

Geosomin said...

Sweet. Will do. Thanks...