Thursday, March 18, 2010


I'm taking my fate into my hands...and eying up the FT4 heart rate training "computer" watch...anyone have any opinions of it? No not the pink girly one...the silver cool one...:)
I need a HR monitor for my Core Performance for women fitness program that I want to start soon...along with some stretch bands and a foam roller. This weekend is pimp my fitness. I'm on a mission. Core Fitness is supposed to help strengthen joints. I need to stop whining about my knee and just find alternatives...So here I go.

So...yeah...heart rate monitoring fitness watch thingummies. Know of a better one?
(preferably under $ I need shoes too and I'm a grad student...)



Lucas said...

I have a Polar, run of the mill, 99 bucks, bought it at Target HRM and I love it! I find myself working out just a little longer to hit 500 cals or 600 cals or whatever. And it lets me know which exercises are more effective for me. Whatever type you get, I HIGHLY recommend using it whenever you work out. :) As for being a poor grad student who also needs shoes, I just learned that Famous Footwear sells Saucony's for WAY LESS than I am paying right now! SUCK! So get yer ass over there and check it out.

Geosomin said...

Sweet. Will do. Thanks...