busy weekend again

This weekend was BUSY. So much so that I should use a bigger font. :)
It was a lot of fun though.

The annual Hindu society vegetarian banquet was a lot of fun. Rani dressed us up in beautiful saris again and the curries were delish. The one I wore this year was red and brown with gold and it looked very nice on me...once I get around to dumping photos off the camera I'll have to post a few. Completely as a surprise (bwaha) I won the 50-50 draw at the banquet! $Squee$! My friend Mitch screamed out when I won and scared me actually - I thought she won...I usually don't win anything and I buy a ticket because the money raised that year goes to a charity (This year it was the Broken Wing Society - a house for disabled children in Haiti)...so that was definitely a cool thing. I used a bit of my new-found cash to bid on a silent auction item (a pair of amazing white tortoiseshell sunglasses that I really really wanted, but couldn't justify $90 for...until that point) and the rest (mee hee) will go towards our now, for sure happening, fall trip to England for our anniversary. Squee.
Sunday was a baby shower - and lots of nibbles and visiting...and the rest of the time involved multigrain pancakes and lots of work on my MSc report and MSc project. This morning I had been up past midnight working on my paper and so I tapped snooze one too many times. I had the oddest dream about me and a talent show and a chicken (yup...it really was that weird)...and didn't workout, but I am awake and have a LONG day ahead of me, so I'm thinking it was the right choice. I won't even get home tonight from work until late and then I have a lot of work to do after that before I can sleep...so it's good to not be tired today.
You know, I remember working two jobs while being in school...how did I do it?
This is exhausting :)

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Lucas said...

Hey lady. The purple things in the salads are beets. I loves me some beets! I buy them raw and boil them in water. It's like boiling potatoes, when you can stick a fork in them easily, they are done. Then I remove them, peel the skin off and slice them up! The purple gets all over everything, cutting board, knife, fingers, etc. but it washes off. :)