It's official - my cat is smarter than I am

Cats know what's best. They really are smarter than we give them credit for.
My cat knows that I usually get up at 5:15, feed him (*ahem*) and then go workout for ~40 minutes, have a quick shower and make breakfasts and lunches, check my email and head out to work. This must not be deviated from for more than one day...I'm stupidly busy now, and this little guy is quite demanding of the little time he gets with me. He gets great joy out of howling at me when I workout from the top of the bookshelf and would wait patiently by the window for me when I went out for a run...and he helps me stretch out after by randomly crawling all over me. Lately he sits in my lap as I eat breakfast...on the weekend he is very confused at the sleeping in and deviation from routine, especially as I'm up and at this on saturdays now too working on my Master's project. On sundays, often I bumble out, feed him and go back to keep from strangling the little guy for all his pestering.
Where am I going with all this?
Well, this morning I slept in. Yes. Point. Laugh. Say what you will. I know I know.I had a long tough day yesterday and was feeling right mopey about me, life, my name it. I got a bit of time with my husband, but not very much...altho last night was a very vigorous bellydance class (sweaty and fun)and a delicious felafel and hummus pita afterwards. I didn't get to eat it until 8:30, but my food was all healthy all day. My knees were stiff so I left them be for this morning...I rationalized it as my "last" morning sleeping in for a while. I will have new workout shoes soon...and a HR monitor more excuses...I stuck my lip out and held it there this morning. I was determined to pout and sleep in and feel sorry for myself...almost like indulging in it for one lest time to get it all out by doing it thoroughly. Or something...
Yeah I know that makes no sense at all does it? At the time it made perfect sense. I *was* pouting incarnate. For some dumb reason having gained 2.5 pounds has made me feel *huge* and blechy and like I've failed. It's not something I can't come back from...but it is so disheartening to know I've got to retrack before I can continue...when working out is a challenge. And so help me, I feel flabby. Lazy. Bleh. Usually this sort of thing doesn't get to me so much but for whatever reason it has spades...

Well...I didn't really get all the rest I wanted this morning. At about 5:40 my cat started walking all over me, standing on my chest...pawing at my blankets and generally being a little PITA. He could not be pushed off or brushed away for more than a minute or two...and I got up at 6 annoyed as hell at him...but as I think about it I realised he was doing me a favour.
The *cat* knows what's good for me. He knows what my routine *should* be. What I need.

And his brain is so much smaller than mine and obsessed with shiny things.
Why can't I get all that without a reminder like this?

Yes...gentleman. We can rebuild her....stronger...faster...better...

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azusmom said...

Yeah, my kids do the same thing! I want to sleep in but NOOOOOOO! They want to EAT. How DARE they, lol?!

Sounds to me like you're doing a great job. I'm trying to lose 30 pounds, so I hear ya on the "blech" feeling. But this, too, shall pass!