It was snowpocalypse this weekend. It went from sunny spring to having almost a foot of snow in a day. Meh. I spent sunday shoveling all the wet heavy snow out of our back is a bit stiff.

Friday night was fun - nice to catch up with my best pals. This weekend I did get a bunch of painting done (colour! finally!) and did some baking (meat buns mmmmm) and finished up a book I've been trying to get to for ages. Jay worked pretty much all weekend so I could do a bunch of chores and random stuff. Even got a haircut in the middle of snowpocalypse, during which the power went out and Ren had to finish my cut with the light coming in the's a nice short pixie cut- easy peasy for now and looks nice. I think I'll be keeping my hair shorter for a while. It's fast and easy and I get a lot of compliments on it this length so I'll go with it :)
This morning I was nice to my achey back and did lower body exercises. 3 sets of the following (both sides):
15 plie squats on my toes
15 deep squats
20 deadlifts (20 Lb)
15 back lunges into a front kick
15 side lunges with floor tap
15 reverse kick on my hands and knees
15 fire hydrants
15 lying down side leg raises outer leg
15 lying down side leg raises inner leg
20 hamstring butt lifts with 20 pulses and a 30 second hold (a la Josie)
50 bicycle crunches
10 leg ab raises

Solid. After a snowy pain in the ass walk to work it's oatmeal and science time. I hope you all had a nice weekend. :)

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