Yoga again

This morning I got up a bit earlier and did my entire yoga DVD before I walked to work. It was nice....but I can't get used to the slow pace of yoga. I'm wondering if that means I just need to do more yoga. It seems so sloooooow. I feel good after though.  I'm hoping I'll get more flexible. I'm tempted to try a yoga hybrid workout as well, like the one by Jillian Michaels yoga meltdown which is more of a regular workout based on some yoga poses...less mellow, but maybe more my style...what do you all think about yoga? Maybe I need to learn to relax more? I'm just not all that namaste kind of a person...

I had to fast for a blood test I had this AM and I am now happily eating my chia overnight oats and an apple. I must get back to the lab tho - Just wanted to log this in.


azusmom said...

I'm a yoga devotee, and I REALLY like Gillian's 2 latest yoga workouts (more so than the ones she put out in 2010).
I say give them a try. Also, Bryan Kest's original 3 Power Yoga workouts may be to your liking. Vthe production us a little silly (and VERY 90'S, lol!), but they're great workouts.
(I took a workshop with him 2 years ago, and he's very funny in person. :) )

Yum Yucky said...

Yoga (which I try to refer to as the athletic stretching whenever I remember) is soooo good for making me feel light and relaxed. I don't do it enough either, but after reading your post, I'm gonna pull out my Rodney Yee DVD this weekend and get all stretchy 'n stuff