The way of the nerd

Last night was a family meal - went out for chinese. Mmmm. It's been nice having my Dad here for a few days. He heard me up and about this morning and decided to get up and be on his way by breakfast time.  He was sitting sipping coffee and eating breakfast while I worked out. He kept laughing and felt like he should be doing something while I worked out...he was so happy to see me be able to exercise again. I'll miss him. It was nice to have some company in the morning. I get to see him soon the first week of June so I'm looking forward to it.

The snowpocalypse is almost gone already if you can believe it. A few days of 15-20 degree weather have made most of the foot of snow melt already. Another day or so and you'd never know it was ever here except for the odd broken tree branch. It's so nice out you don't need a coat. I'm looking forward to a really nice walk home. It's spring again...

This morning I had a doc's appointment at 9 so I got to sleep in an hour and then got up and did my upper body workout and had some oatmeal for breakfast. Good way to start the day.

Why the appointment? Well I've finally been able to meet with someone about getting my tubes tied, so I can get on with that. Since after chemo I likely won't be able to have kids and even if the odd chance is there that I'm still fertile I'll be on medication for 10 years that I cannot go off of that punts me into menopause - by the time I am off it at 51? Well for us that is not a time to have kids any more even if it were possible.... Add to that that there is a slight risk of ovarian cancer from the meds I am taking and having my tubes removed is the simplest solution that can also cut my chances of getting it (since the tubes is often where that sort of thing starts) and it just makes sense to get this done. I have an IUD but I'd rather find a permanent solution and be done with it. Instead of going through the owie and cost of having another IUD put in I'm just gonna get my tubes tied now and be done with it. After all I've been through a few days home for a day procedure resting up with a hot water bottle to heal up from this is not too much - and then it's just no more worries. I've come to terms with the fact that having little gremlins was just not meant to be for us. Rather than dwell on that I plan to get on with life and spend lots of time with my neices and my friend Heather's little boy once he comes next month.
I will teach them the way of the nerd :)

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