What's the big deal about anchovies?

Had a really nice weekend. The northern lights were incredibly bright on friday night. J and I had a date night and after we went for a late walk and watched them streak across the sky. The pizza at the italian place was amazing...I had artichoke, peppers and olive with goat cheese one with a lemon cocktail. I even tried an anchovie (bleh). I just don't get the appeal. They aren't awful...they are just so overpowering...not what I want on a pizza.
Saturday I spent the day with Heather and we had a great day - brunch at Cora's and an afternoon of shopping and then an evening with her family sewing baby stuff and hanging out. I found a dress to wear to my summer weddings :) Sunday I did some painting and prepped some food for the week for my lunches and after some homemade curry and chapatis we settled in to watch the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special in 3D. Nifty. Nice way to end it all...
Now it's back to work.
Today I did my upper body exercises, some abwork and walked to work. I made a tasty blackberry banana and kale smoothie for breakfast with some cottage cheese. Yum. Today I have a lunch meeting at a place with a ginormous salad bar so I'm looking forward to that. >;)
Tonight I plan to go and get a new paint roller so I can get more painting done. The one I have is so old that the roller keeps coming off...I have never sworn so much while trying to prime a shelf in my life. Argh! I got primer everywhere and was coated in primer before I was done the unit I primed last night....what a gong show. Hopefully once I get a new one things will go faster. There are 6 units with all the shelf pieces to go with them so it'll take a while...then I have to paint them! Sheesh...
Well I must dash. It's coffee break and I have a muffin calling my name.
Have a great day!

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Yum Yucky said...

Your life kinda reminds me of a good book. Sure, there are some tumultuous ups & downs along the way, but its pages are also filled with many adventures. Sure to have a happy ending.