Jackie Warner kicked my ass

Yesterday I didn't work out since I was up really late (~2). J's laser show went spectacularly and it was a good night of funk music with Fort Knox 5 and some of my friends at Skylab who put on the show (which J is now a part of he hee) -good people and I got in a lot of dancing. Muahaha. Yes, it was a long tired work day on tuesday (I admit to actually drinking a real cup of coffee to be useful in an important meeting I had) but I made it through. I did walk home from work with J though and ate healthily - we had homemade refried bean tacos. Something I forgot how much I loved until I made them last month after not making them since university. So easy and healthy - saute up some diced onion, garlic and a jalapeno and then add a can of rinsed white beans and about 2 cups of chicken or veg stock and simmer it all until all the liquid is gone, mushing the beans as you cook. Add them to a taco wrap with veg, cheese and salsa and you have an easy meal full of protein. Yum.

This morning I wanted to make sure that I got back to the fitness. Monday night I was really able to dance for a long time...it was nice to feel that what I'm doing is helping me be healthy so I wanted to make sure I keep at it. For me consistency is the key thing to focus on right now. Just doing something daily. I grabbed what I remembered as a tough but fun workout DVD for this morning: Jackie Warner's "Personal Trainer: Extreme Timesaver Training" DVD. Holy crapcans. It was a  tough 30 minutes. I was breathing hard and had to rest a few times and although I tried it with my 5Lb weights I ended up ditching the weights and doing the modified moves for a lot of the exercises and just concentrated on getting through the workout. It's a workout of compound moves in 1 minute intervals...and it's tough. I will definitely do it again but I will try it with my 3 Lb weights first try and get through it all without resting or dropping the weights. I have a long way to go with this one, but I feel really good.
After a walk to work with my cranberry green tea smoothie I am ready for some science.
Have a great day :)

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Yes, that is a tough one! :)