Nice weekend really

Friday was a nice day off. I worked out (leg and ab stuff as before and then I hopped on the bike for 25 minutes). Then I had the weekend off to relax. I got some sewing done (and managed to mangle my finger with the sewing machine...don't ask). I went in with J to co-host his radio show on community radio. We took an extra shift like we do every good friday and had fun playing music and being weird on the air together. Saturday J worked all day so I managed to sew some more and nearly finish the baby sewing I am trying to finish for my friend Heather's upcoming baby. Then we went out to see 2 of our friend's bands play on saturday night. It was nice to be out and see and hear my talented friends and enjoy some live music. Sunday J was sick with something miserable so I had a solo easter meal at my brother's place. We played games and ate good food. Yup it was a good weekend. I hope your weekend was great too.
This morning I got up and did my upper body workout (with some plank weighted arm raises added in for fun) together with 25 minutes on the bike because the weather is freezing cold and now it's time for work. I have to go be all adult and stuff and interview someone for a job. Little do they know :)

And so I leave you with a song by my friend Dylan playing on his step...he was in one of the bands we saw play saturday night.
Happy monday :)

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