berry berryy nice

I had so much fun yesterday doing an online workout that I did one again today. The BeFit Youtube channel has a good set of workouts to choose from. I did the Leg Thigh and Butt Be Fit in 30 Level 1 workout this morning and liked it a lot.1 minute intervals of things with a rest after 3 minutes between sets of things. 20 minutes total. It had switch lunges (which both I and my knees hate) and had to revert to backward lunges for part of them, but other than that I made it through. Then I did 4 minute scissor legs with crunches after and called it a day. Boom.
I was happy to have found some fruit buried in my freezer last night so I could have a saskatoon berry raspberry smoothie for breakfast and now I'm off to science town. Just wanted oto log.
Have a great day!


Yum Yucky said...

Work it out, girlfriend! I've never been one to give raspberries much a chance, which is just so silly of me. Your smoothie sounds NOM.

Yum Yucky said...
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