Mmm. Eggy oats.

Did my bike tabatas again this AM with the same upper body workout as earlier in the week. They seemed slightly less evil this time. Somehow knowing they are short-lived makes them easier to deal with.
Since the weather is crappy (snow, sleet and strong wind) I didn't walk to work this AM had some extra time for a  hot breakfast. I made some oatmeal up with an egg stirred in at the end for some protein with some blueberries and a splodge of milk and honey. Dang. So good. I also made some peach bran muffins last night...I have one staring at me right now waiting for me to get to my coffee break and eat it.
I have a more relaxing weekend coming up than I thought. My Dad was going to stop in for a few days on his way home from his month in Arizona but he has a bad cold so he's just heading on through home. A bit less stress...but I'm still making myself clean up the house even tho it's not really needed :) Then I can sit around all weekend and not look at things I need to do...
Anyways. My muffin is calling me. Just wanted to log today and say hi.
Happy Easter. I hope you all have a nice relaxing weekend :)

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