Snow again

It's snowing again. Spring is being elusive. There was no walk to work today because the weather is a bit miserable - windy and snowy and I'm not in the mood to walk along a riverbank with no wind cover. Hopefully it'll be nicer by the end of the day for a walk home. This morning I was up and did my tabatas on the bike and then my lower leg workout, with a few ab exercises thrown in for good measure. A nice solid workout. I cooked up some oatmeal with banana and blueberries for breakfast and have a ham sammich for lunch with lots of veg on some fresh baked buns I made on the weekend. Yum.

I discovered this AM that my chest strap for my Polar watch needs replacing. J is worried I may be doing too much with the tabatas so I said I'd wear my chest strap to keep an eye on my heart...but it doens't work right now. You can apparently pry them open and replace the battery which I think I'll try to do tonight. It just has a big watch battery in it and I feel better about reusing it and just sealing it up with some tape instead of buying a new one and throwing the old one out. It seems so wasteful. I figure I'll give it a go- I meant the worst thing that could happen is I break it and have to get a new one biggie. I just have to seal it back up again after so I don't sweat all over inside the thing with some tape or silicone. I was curious if it would stay in place with only one breast but it doesn't seem to matter at all. When I get all Macguyver (swoon) on it this week I'll take some pics and post them in case you all want to know how to too.

I can't wait until the snow is done. Mostly because a lot of the grad students wear UGGs in the winter...I think they're ugly (but I'm old so what do I know), but the thing that drives me crazy about them is they aren't tight at all on your ankles so I get a gillion people walking around shuffling their feet on the floor. Loudly. All. The. Time. Yes -it's one of my top peevey peeves next to chewing with your mouth open (which also seems to be a thing for some foreign grad students...sigh). I had hoped UGG season was done, but it must remain for a few more days it seems. Thankfully this time of year the snow doesn't stay and it's supposed to be up to +10 again by the weekend so I'll bide my time and think warm thoughts until then.
Have a great day! I should go science up some things.

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solarity said...

Looking forward to the battery prying.
Our spring has at least stopped snowing but it's not very springy yet.

Mary Anne in Kentucky