Spring is here :)

Spring is here. New beginnings. I saw a crocus the other day on the walk home. That's my official sign of spring...so now it's for real :)

This morning I got up and did my lower body exercises. I picked up a book to log things, so when I get time this weekend I'm gonna start from this monday and log my workouts form now on. I also took some measurements initially last weekend just to be able to see my progress (if any) as I go. I only step on the scale about once a month (it makes me crazy otherwise...and when you're trying to build muscle it can be deceiving). I want to be able to measure how I do by how I feel and how my clothes feel. I want functional strength - to be able to hike where I want to go and do what I need to do in my daily life without strains. Already my pants have lost their uncomfortable feeling they were getting from me over indulging pretty much daily and drinking beer and wine often instead of occasionally. Moderation is the key. After a week of eating well I've lost the wierd sugar cravings I was having which is nice...I no longer feel the need to eat a whole bag of skittles at one go. I have a  Lindt chocolate bunny to enjoy this weekend and it will be glorious :)

I also noticed my knee give a few twinges as I walked to work this morning. Yup *that* knee. The one that would periodically act up in the past. I think I may need to dial back a little bit on my knees . I'm so excited to be able to do full workouts again and it feels so good...I'm perhaps being a tad too enthusiastic about things...and that's how you can hurt yourself. So, before I do anything dumb I will scale it back a bit. I have a weekend of rest, but also I will try some other strengthening exercises next week and see how that helps. I don't need to DO ALL THE EXERCISES just because I can now. I may divide my lower body exercises into 2 separate groups and then do them on separate days instead of all of them twice a week. That sounds more reasonable to me...After all, it's all in the process. I want to enjoy every minute of it :)

J and I are gonna go out tonight for a dinner date out and maybe a film or something. There is a new italian place that opened near our house so we're going to check out what delicious things their wood fire oven can make us...our cheat meal for the week...we deserve it. We've become so used to me not really being up to going out or being trapped by the winter ridiculousness that we're trying to reset our minds and find more things to do out together that aren't too expensive...even just going for a walk or preparing a new recipe...catching a movie or a live band. Things to do together not involving Netflix! Cuz he's my favorite person to be with...:) I also get to spend saturday with my bestie who I haven't seen in nearly a month...I am so very much looking forward to this weekend. It's going to get up to +16C. Glorious!
I was thinking on my walk to work today how lucky I am to have this reboot. How I have been able to step back into my life and I am so very grateful for being able to be here. I have gone from bald, achey and unable to climb a whole set of stairs to walking 4K a day and doing a full weighted workout again. Feeling your body move and respond is a wonderful thing...I never want to take it for granted.


azusmom said...

Have you heard of Classical Stretch/Essentrics workouts? I just started doing them, and they're fantastic! Also a lot harder than they look.

azusmom said...

Have you heard of Classical Stretch/Essentrics workouts? I just started doing them, and they're fantastic! Also a lot harder than they look.

Yum Yucky said...

Despite that achy knees of yours, reading about how far you've come is truly wonderful. Enjoy your dinner tonight and please have some dessert (...or food teleport it to me, if desired).

solarity said...

Knees. Why do we have knees? :(

It does feel wonderful to get your body back.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

JavaChick said...

I love that you sound so happy! Enjoy spring! Still waiting for it to show up around here.