Sun sun sun here it comes

It's warming up! The last few mornings it's been sunny and around 0 with little wind so I've had some lovely walks to work in the morning. The weather during the day is getting up to 9 or 10 C which is glorious. All the snow we got is gone again. It's supposed to continue this nice weather for the next while, so I'm looking forward to more time outside in the near future.

Yesterday on my DVD humpday I tried out Jillian Michael's Yoga meltdown workout (having youtube on my TV is pretty sweet I must say). I enjoyed it a lot. It was still yoga, but with a bit more speed and reps. It felt like a very nice workout. I will definitely do it again. I have learned I cannot do camel pose...but I am hoping in time I will be able to. My back just does not like to bend that way...yet. I also dug out all my old stack of workout DVDs last night so I have a few things to try out on my random wednesdays. Should keep it interesting. :) This morning I did upper body weight work like earlier in the week, with some chest flies added in for good measure and a bit of ab work along with my tabata bike sprints again. It was a very nice workout and I feel amazing after a nice sunny stroll to work in the sunshine.

We've been trying to eat healthy this month and last night I made greek chicken taco wraps for supper and they were amazing. Spiced grilled chicken with chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion and lettuce with some homemade sour cream tzatziki. Mmm. I had hope to have enough for my lunch today, but we ated them all. Nom. I have some leftover banana pancakes for lunch instead...and I am OK with that :)

Anyways... I must dash. Lots of lab stuff to catch up on today.  Have a good one :)

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