Fabulous darling...

Whoop! It's friday! Bring on the weekend.
My Dad is popping in for a visit on his way to Georgia this weekend and I have some plans to make some new tasty foods this weekend when I have some more time (tabouleh...yum...I've got some cool grains and lentils and a shwack of veggies). I'm also starting up some crabapple mead this weekend as well to get the rediculous amount of apples in my deep freeze out of there so I can do some food prep and start freezing meals and things in advance. Plus there is a family meal on J's side on sunday so it'll be a family and food filled weekend. I spent time last night cleaning the house a bit to prep it to visitor status so I won't have to look around and mutter at my messy house - I can actually use it and relax instead. I like! :)
This AM I did lower body work with some ab work and then made my cranberry green tea smoothie again and had a great sunny walk to work. The workout was three times through:
-15 deadlifts (2X10Lb)
-15 reverse lunges with torso twists (both legs)
-15 squats
-15 ballet reverse leg extensions
-20 but raises, hold and pulses a la Josie
-15 one legged deadlifts (2X10Lb)
-15 kneeling side fire hydrant leg raises
-15 kneeling reverse kicks
...with 20 sets of ball passes and 20 weighted ab rows (10 Lb) in between the sets.

I feel fabulous darlings!
Simply Fabulous .
Off to sciencetown and then...the glorious sunny weekend!
Have a fantastic weekend y'all!

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