has anyone seen my spine?

Seriously people. I have no willpower lately.
Yersterday I had a great day workout and food wise until supper. My hubs got free passes to a press promo meal for the local Exhibition Fair that started up this week...where there was free food and beer. I didn't eat everything badly, but honestly? I could have done better. I didn't need 2 beer. The food wasn't good for you either (mostly glorified delicious fried fair food...sigh). The only "veggies" available were waffle potato fries or mixed veggies drowned in italian dressing...and there were corn dogs people - delicious corn dogs. I will say that I only had a bite of a corn dog tho - which I am proud of...because I *love* corn dogs. I could have had more...and I kept the fried to a minimum in my vain attempt to stick to my healthy diet plan...then a few bites of donut for dessert...*sigh*.
Try as I might I cannot convince myself a chili cheese dog is a healthy meal.
I am frustrated with myself. If this were one off day it would be no biggie...but I've been having odd days a lot the last month...and I can feel it. I dislike having to be attentive to the amount of food that I eat. Grr.

This AM I broke my once a month on the scale rule to find I am still 4 or 5 Lb above when I went on holidays the beginning of July. I'm sure some of it is salt ...and I know it isn't the end of the world, but I'm never going to get back down there if I keep this up. I don't want to let things get out of hand. It's frustrating. So frustrating. Truth is, I really need to work on my self discipline. The whiner in me wants to give up...but I won't. I deserve better.

So this AM is another do over. Reboot. I was up and in to workout my workout B with abfest and 28 minutes on the bike. I ache in odd places from yesterday, but I did my entire workout. And I also packed a healthy breakfast and lunch. Again.
Today will be better.
Yes it will.


Dr. J said...

I recently read a study which basically said that never depend on willpower. The only thing that will keep us on track is concrete planning and making our environment work for us. I imagine that means not to have trigger foods in the house and to take healthy snacks with us to food places where we are challenged.

azusmom said...

(Sorry, for some reason I haven't been able to comment the past couple of days!)
You'll be back on track in no time!