And I'm learning that I wouldn't want it any other way...

"You're like a baby, I'm like a cat
When we're happy we both get fat..."

Lyrics to describe my life!

Lovely weekend. There was much relaxing and indulging. We had a fondue and fruit meal for supper...a lovely evening nibblefest as we spent the evening together. Lychee martinis and free evening with my J. Lovely :)
Saturday we relaxed, saw a movie and I made some lemon crepes for breakfast...I haven't made crepes in years. J and I had to work for most of the rest of the weekend, which was a bit more sane food wise...I have learned lately just how entrenched I have made food with happiness and celebration. In the future I need to figure out how to temper the celebration with healthy choices. I'm getting better but there is still more to go if I'm going to keep maintaining. I am sure that this weekend I have not made any dent in my efforts to recover from my holidays but as far as anniversaries go - lovely.

I did penance this morning. Workout A plus my abfest and HIIT biking at resistance 4. Nice and sweaty. Now, a full day of science and jumping back into my research. It's a new day to be good to myself and others. I feel great :)
Have a great day!

"But I don't tend to worry 'bout the things that other people say
And I'm learning that I wouldn't want it any other way
Call me crazy but it really doesn't matter"


Yum Yucky said…
What-what!? "It's a new day to be good to myself and others." I LOVE that. Wonderful words to live by.

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