Avoidance tactics 101

Last night was an elaborate procrastination attempt by yours truly. I did eventually force myself to get some solid work done but I wasted a few hours doing everything *but* work...silly I know. But sometimes I just can't focus. I finally did, and then wished I'd gotten to it earlier as I had to quit at about 10:30 as I was tired enough I knew I'd make mistakes if I kept going...I will learn eventually. I am the queen of procrastination! :)

This morning was boot camp madness. Bwaha.
Ah that lady is lovely...she made me sweat. I actually got a stitch in my side at one point...that hasn't happened in a while! My shoulders and abs have that fuzzy feeling they get when you use them a lot. I feel rather invincible at the moment.
Yes. Success.
So I must be off. So very much to do.
Have a great day :)

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