Do the reptile baby!

This morning I was tired - how tired? Well, I banged my shin into the door on the way to the kitchen. Ow. Heh. Yeah...I *did* wake up tho. I had to go outside into the rain to get to the bus :). Despite that, it was a good morning. At the gym I just felt like giving it my all...and was full of energy. I did my workout A, using a slightly higher platform for my step ups than normal, with some HIIT biking plus I added in 3 sets of 10 reptile butt lifts from the Aug 3 Bodyrock workout. They looked cool and I wanted to try them out. I used a bosu ball for it...had to find a wall so I didn't slide and tip over :)

My friend Rachel sent me a link to this bootcamp - she wants to figure out how to do the crazy crawling pushups on it. Me? Yes. Thing is, after watching it I totally want to do the whole damn bootcamp this weekend. They list off things to do for it...and now, so help me, I want to go out in the sun and might kill me, but man. It could be so. freaking. awesome. The thing I loved about running was being outside...and this would give me that.
Cuz I totally want to know how to do those weird crawly pushup walks too :)


azusmom said...

Me too! And I want to run sprints with a parachute!

Geosomin said...

totally. The parachute would be really cool...:)