Some things never change :)

I was talking with old friends this weekend...and I forget how different I look now.

At the request of a friend, in honour of my 20 year high school reunion this past's a little 20 year flashback action (and evidence of my lifelong obsession with penguins...). Yup it's lil' ol' me back 20 years ago in Grade 12:

Aaaaaaand, me now:
He hee... time flies when you're having fun :)

Music to feel nostalgic to: Do You Realise? by the Flaming Lips


Charlotte said...

You take the best pics! And holy crap, girl. All this time I've "known" you I thought you were like 22, 23 ish. Maaaybe 25. There's NO WAY that was your 20th reunion!

Cuppypower said...

lol. looks like we have another thing in common apart from working out. I love my penguin too. his name is Mr. P and he sleeps with me every night! :)

Geosomin said...

Charlotte: You are sweet. I figure I'm doing OK for 37... :)

Cuppypower: Current penguin is Seymour. The older one is Frobisher. He's currently wearing a Darth Vader helmet in my office. (Yes. i really am that cool)
he hee...