Das boot

I did boot camp again this morning.
Oh lordy...that woman is good. After a 5 minutes warmup she leads us through three 9 minute cycles of 30 seconds of different things...from lunges to skipping to football shuffles to burpees...yeah you get the idea. In the 2 intervals in between those intervals she does upper body arm weight/pushup/strengthening sets...then finishes it all off with some ab/plank stuff and stretching. Brutal...yet fun. Every week is a bit different.
It's crazy but I am loving it. The thing is - it's only 30 second intervals...so if I am hating a move, or am having trouble keeping up with it, it's *only* 30 seconds. I can do anything for 30 seconds. :)

And so...after a shower and breakfast and coffee I admit to being strangely stiff in many places. I know I worked hard. It feels good to push myself. Today is another day.
Here's to another great day :)

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azusmom said...

That sounds oddly fun, lol!