New breakfast ideas

I finally found some chia seeds on the weekend and so I was able to try a new breakfast today. Last night I set up what has to be the easiest breakfast ever - chia overnight oats, using this recipe from Oh She Glows with probably closer to 1/2 c oatmeal (couldn't find my 1/3c measure cup and so I guestimated with my 1/2c one). I sliced up a peach with it this morning after my workout and added a splash of maple syrup and I must say - Yummy. A bit different texture than regular oatmeal, but a lot like rice pudding...which I love. I have a real texture thing so I wasn't sure if this would be gross (like overwet muesli) or good until I had some. The almond milk and banana and a hint of cinnamon made this deeeelicious and the chia really thickened it up like a pudding.. The peach pushed it over the top to heavenly. I wasn't sure if cold oats would be good, but wow. I sat at my desk making yum noises the whole time. I will definitely be making this again. It's like having rice pudding for breakfast. He hee...

Yesterday I ached in my legs and back and shoulders from my saturday home bootcamp, so I felt pretty smug, but I think the one legged hops did a number on my knee...if I do it again I'll be changing that to something else as my knee clicked a bit yesterday, which is a sign it's been stressed. It's a bit stiff this AM but nothing major. It's always a challenge to see what is "allowed" and what isn't with my knee. After a lazy sunday I was in to workout this AM doing my workout B with 28 minutes HIIT biking and my abfest.

I got my hair coloured on the's rather red...I like it. It will fade shortly I'm sure, but it's fun for now :) I accidentally made the gym towel a weird color drying my hair...heh. Oops. I also got out to see Fright Night last night. Loved it. Even J, who came with me just to be nice, enjoyed himself. I saw the original in the 80's a zillion times, so I've been looking forward to it for nostalgia's sake. Seeing David Tennant play a very different role was must be such fun as an actor to play outlandish characters :)'s science time. Must go be a good little labrat.
Hope you all have a great day :)


azusmom said…
It IS fun, lol! And watching DT play them (or anything, really) is REALLY fun.
That oatmeal sounds delish! I'm gonna have to try it.
That recipe looks pretty dang yummy & your description too!

That workout sounds GREAT! I like that you will modify to make it yours & keep you & that knee healthy!

PS: I LOVED that comment you made on my blog this morn!

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