Change Places!

This morning I came in and thought I'd finally drop in on the tuesday AM boot camp class they have...for something new.
Aaaaaaand as it turns out it was cancelled, and in it's place there was a bikram yoga class...harrumph. BUT, since I've always wanted to try yoga and feel like I have enough strength now that I wouldn't fall over, I stayed. Turns out I was the only one in the class, being a holiday weekend. In the past it mught have made me feel awkward, but it was kind of nice. Noone to feel nervous around and I got a lot of correction on my poses.
So, yeah - I did my first yoga class. It was challenging and cool to see what I could do with my body, and I was inwardly pleased that I could hold some of the more advanced positions having not done anything before. The teacher complimented me on my strength/ability to hold some poses and that I was somewhat flexible, which was nice to hear. Many yoga poses are rediculously hard to hold.
I enjoyed it, but I can't get over the feeling like I slacked off. I am used to being drenched in sweat at the end of a workout and pushing myself physically - this was a different animal all together. After this I know I used many muscles and got in some amazing stretching, but I have to keep my mind away from seeing yoga as less of a workout. I think I would go again, given the opportunity...but perhaps on an evening. I like the focused movements. Concentrating on my body and what it's doing - I dig that.
I will say - I feel very relaxed. Calm.
After a nice weekend with my husband seeing Fringe plays and relaxing together it is a nice way to start a week. :)

Successful experiment I think :)

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