My name is Geo and I have a Dim Sum problem.
My boss took us out for Dim Sum yesterday...and I didn't go nuts, but I certainly showed little restraint. I enjoyed it. But this indulgence thing has to stop.
I need to really refocus more on what I eat and not overindulging as much. It's been happening a lot lately and if I want to shake the 5Lb I put on over the holidays I need to be more diligent. I refuse to let things creep up slowly by snacking myself into oblivion. I will do more. Better. It's easier to rebound to 5 Lb than try and tackle 10 or 15...

Exercise wise, I'm proud tho. This AM I was up and in for Workout B with 30 minutes on the bike. A nice sweaty workout and healthy meals for the day and I feel ready to go. Every day is a do over and I'm making today count.

I'm *still* stiff from yoga today in my's odd. My thumb is also stiff from peeling 20 lemons last night. I started some limoncello up. Yummers.


azusmom said…
(LOVE that song! And the whacked-out video!) I guess we can add Lemon Thumb to disorders like Texting Thumb. Although, for limoncello it's probably totally worth it...
You're on the right track! be kind to yourself!
montanna said…
Getting six pack abdominal exercise and a nice, flat stomach is to vary your workouts, and learn that you do not need a gym membership, or even be in your workout clothes to do simple exercises that produce results.

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