It was my last boot camp class at the fitness center this morning. Pity. We all figured it would carry through the fall semester, but the scheduling didn't work out for the awesome instructor who does it so it will be back to spin and sculpt classes tuesday and thursday with the other instructor...which is OK. It's just that the boot camp is a real challenge, you know? Makes you feel alive! The other instructor isn't as hard core...she does a lot of experimental moves so you can't always get in good form all the time...she just is less my style than this instructor. We're trying to convince them to have another boot camp class, with another instructor if need be. This one rocked...I feel like just found out about it and it's done...:(

I had a healthy lunch and must be off to get more work done. It's been a busy day and I haven't been able to pop in until now. Lots to do!

Later taters :)


Cuppypower said...

Pity indeed, but then that's the great oppertuinty to start a new training program!!!! Woopwoop!

azusmom said...

That's too bad, but, like Cuppypower says, it's a chance to find something new!
(BTW, if you're able to write that bootcamp instructor an email or a letter letting her know how much you've enjoyed her class, it would probably make her day! :) )