cha cha cha chia!

Mmm...another day of overnight chia oats. With a peach? So good. I think I'll have to alternate with other breakfasts's rather fibretastic. Yeah. I'll leave it at that :)

This AM I was up and in for Ye Goode Olde Workout B with 26 minutes HIIT biking and abfest.
I had to make up for biscuit overload last night. Sometimes I am my own worst enemy - I make delicious things! I made biscuit bowls for the chili (had a brilliant idea to bake the biscuit dough divided up on an upside down muffin tin to make bowls) and they were insanely good...however I ate too many biscuits for someone trying to be healthy. I don't make biscuits often...I love them and they are one of my weaknesses.

It's odd. It was my monthly weigh in at the gym this AM, and I haven't lost any weight lately but I look like I have more I'm wondering if I just need to be patient. Perhaps I'm losing fat but gaining muscle? I know from all the butt exercises I've been doing that my butt is a different shape now...more apple bottomed. So my pants fit different, which is strange, but I'm still the same size...and since I started focusing on my butt in June that was what I was trying to go for I should not be too discouraged I think. (I crave an actually shaped butt that jiggles instead of a flat pancakey butt that jiggles!)I still have 3 stubborn pounds from the holidays that I can feel a bit of from time to time, and am not quite at my bear headed bikini best again yet, but I do feel I'm going to keep being attentive and let September be the month for complete holiday gluttony recovery. It will be tricky as I have to travel to Vancouver (!!!) for a conference/weekend and will be visiting my dad for a week (and it will be trickier to eat well and workout at the lake) but I won't go crazy and eat way too much like I did in the summer and I think all will be well. There is a gym in the hotel in Vancouver and I can do my home bootcamp at the lake, so I think (as long as I actually *do* it!) I will make it thru unscathed.

We shall see. It's all about planning ahead right?


Jody - Fit at 53 said...

I say you are doing great! Well, minus those biscuits! ;-) I love that stuff too!

You know, we can weight the same but inches may change & when the butt goes from flat to less flat & even the legs tighten up die to muscle, well, a good thing!

Keep up the good work!

spunkysuzi said...

You have a good plan! Those biscuits would jump right into my hands :)