Waiting is boring

Well...I'm just sitting here waiting for the dishwasher repair dude. Our dishwasher has made a high squealy noise the last few times we used it so I stopped using before it got worse and called someone to look at it. Finally, 3 weeks later, on my day off, it is time. It sat for a bit and got all super funky (oops) so when I opened it last night and gagged at the smell I threw some cider vinegar in there and let it run a little bit a few times to try and deaden some of it...it helped a lot...but now the sound is intermediate. Grrr. I'm hoping I won't pay some guy a some $$ to look at it and go - "just run more vinegar thru it and you'll be fine..." or something like that. I know nothing about dishwashers. I'm itching to take it apart, but I'm worried it won't go back together and then I'll REALLY need it repaired :)
I'm just hoping it actually makes the noise while he is here or I'll feel really dumb. I just didn't want to cancel and then have it make the noise again. Or pay a bunch of $$ to a guy for doing nothing...oh well, we shall see. Someone told me you can clean it by putting Orange Tang in it and running it. I'm skeptical. I want to ask the guy if some CLR would be OK...It's stainless steel inside so I don't want to wreck it...or wait for the noise to get worse until it's totally dead. It's only a year and a half old...of course just past the warranty. Sigh.
Where's my robot maid when I need it?

At least, after all this I'm getting my hair coloured and cut, so that will feel good. When I get busy I ignore it and it's been 3 months and my hair needs a little love :)

I am proud that I *did* get up this AM on my day off and drive in to the gym and do my full Workout A with 30 minutes HIIT biking and abfest. I worked hard and came home to a nice hot shower and a breakfast of oatmeal (I tried it with an egg in it - not bad -made it nice and creamy) and some fruit (a banana and peach) and milk. Mmm...
And now I wait with coffee for repair dude.
Do de doo de doo...

Doo de doo de doo...


Geosomin said...

Huh...turns out there was nothing major wrong - there was a paper clip and a tack (WTF?) trapped inside the bottom of the machine by the garborator grinding away at the inner workings whenever the water was pumped thru the machine...so altho I had to pay the dude $100 smackeroos to take it all apart and take out the offending parts (boo), I watched him do it and now know how to do it myself if it ever happens again! (yay!)
So I suppose - live and learn. I wasn't about to take it apart without knowing whwat the heck I was doing. Altho -I now think I want the sort of job where I can get paid $65 for showing up before I even start something... :)
Ah well, now on to more fun things in my day.

azusmom said...

On one hand, it's always a relief when there's nothing seriously wrong with an appliance. On the other, yeah, it hurts a bit to shell out 100 bucks to have a guy tell you there's nothing wrong with it, lol!
Glad all is well with the dishwasher!