I need my meds


Yesterday was another LONG day...17.5 hours at work actually. Lovely husband worked late too so he picked me up around 11 and we went home to sleep. Ridiculous. I do hope my schedule lets off a bit soon...

This morning I woke up before my alarm (??) so I got up, packed my food for the day and did a few chores before heading out for my swim. It was nice...not that many people there today so there was lots of space to flail. Swimming is very relaxing...I like it. I still use flippers (I really am not a good swimmer and they help me not sink!) but I enjoy my 25 minutes in the pool.

Today is my last crazy day of work for a few days. Tonight I hope to see J for a bit and get home at a decent hour, as I won't see him for the rest of the weekend and I'm a suck. Being busy leaves me very little J time...I miss him. I can't wait for the semester to end so my schedule lightens up a bit.

I have found lately that lists are a life saver. As someone with chronic bad memory and the ability to forget my own glasses are on my face and look for them for hours (I wish I were joking), I am finding lists are keeping me sane this semester. Learning what is important. Making priorities. Keeping up with what matters. On my daily list at the top since the semester started has been carving out little workout times in the morning -my "me" time. The one part of the day where it's just me and my thoughts and my body...physical exertion for the pure joy of movement...my "meds" to make it through the rest of the day. I've come to love how it makes me feel. How it keeps me sane.

If you'd told me 10 years ago that I'd love exercise and nibbling on healthy foods I would not have believed you...and sort of backed away thinking you were one of those crazy "health" nuts. I would have thought wistfully about it, but I would have smiled sadly. Now I know...I'm a health nut...and I need my meds :)

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