oh snap

It is amazing how much less space glasses take up when they snap right in half.
This morning my old favourite glasses I've had for 10 years fell of the bench at the gym and snapped right in half across the nose.
Guess I need to go get a new pair then huh? I have another pair I got that I've never liked so I'll have to wear those for a while. I'm glad I am not stuck with nothing...and thankful my eyes aren't too bad. I am nearsighted and mostly need them as safety glasses and for driving and seeing as I bus it everywhere I'll be OK until I can get a new pair. I just really liked them...I'd hoped to turn them into sunglasses when I planned on getting a new pair in the spring. Guess that new pair will have to be sooner.

This morning I tried a different exercise machine to try and distract myself from my clumsiness...I was bored of the bike and thought I'd try the elliptical - my old trusted favourite. When my knee was weaker it would give me pain on one knee...but today it didn't bother my knee one bit. Cool. I am tired tired tired this AM so I could've pushed myself harder, and I forgot my robot to tell me how I did, but I had a good 30 minutes of cardio and then did arm work and some situps and crunches.
That'll do pig. That'll do :)
Breakfast is done...and now I'm trying to figure out how to get everything done that I need to do because I have 2 major assignments due tuesday and saturday is my birthday so I don't want to do anything on it for once in a long time. Sunday I have to work and have family commitments in the evening. I just have to keep it together and work hard...and maybe not sleep. We shall see.
I'm determined to relax on my birthday and see my husband.

And get new glasses.


azusmom said…
Oy, what a day!

But on a brighter note, Happy Birthday!!!!!

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