keeping it far...

Despite my fervent goals not to, I keep looking at food and counting calories.
I hate doing that. Right now, I don't need that. And I don't need to.
And honestly - that isn't what OU is about...

I do wish that at some point I could just enjoy what I eat and be done with it. Let it be fuel. Some days I'm fine. Today? Nutso city.
I just keep reminding myself...intuitive eating. I'm is not about numbers.

I can tell I'm tired and stressed out about work and school because I'm feeling rather...weird about everything. Just had to get that off my chest...I've still got 4 hours of work before i can go home. *sigh*
Time for supper...then back to work.


Corey said…
I agree. At some point the numbers will disappear and habit/ intuition will take over.

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