All by myself...

No workout this AM as I had to come in early to finish up some work to take with me this weekend to a meeting/conferencey thingy instead. Exciting and scary all at the same time. Me! Going to a conference! All by myself! Meep.
I've taken my workout clothes with me as the hotel claims to have a decent gym. On the weekend on my own in a large strange city after the meetings I have no exciting plans to see the city. After the long days of meetings I plan on working out...and then SLEEPING. For the love of all that is holy I need sleep. I will have a king sized bed all to myself. Saturday night is sleep time. Booyah.
Last night I managed to get home by 9 and we ordered in pizza and tried to just hang out a bit while I packed and we both were so tired we just ended up giving up and snuggling up and going to sleep...sad but true. I will miss J this weekend...I've missed him all week actually. Too busy for words.
I'm excited and nervous. I've never gone on a trip by myself before. Here's hoping it goes well...I feel like I may just put up my hand at some point and wave it around on the plane or at the hotel and yell "I NEED AN ADULT!"

Here goes nothing!
Have a nice weekend everybody. :)

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