Thankful for many things at the moment

I had a nice, albeit slightly emotional, weekend away with family. First holiday with Mum away...vey odd. I sort of took over Mum's role and made the turkey and stuffing. Dad invited lots of people for a potluck supper and it was lots of fun. It made it less lonely to spend the day with friends. With everyone bringing food (and me making extra stuff too because I love to cook and find it relaxing) there were 8 pies. For 22 people. Bwaha :) I nibbled a bit and had a few beer, but all in all I just enjoyed myself. Food was not the focus. I didn't try and hide my emotions in food. Weather was some walks and a canoe trip in, along with lots of studying and wrestling with gender mean cooking for everyone. It was a nice weekend. Slept a lot. Laughed more. It was far too short...
And I got home to find I'm still the same. I'd like to say I didn't check my weight last night, but I did. And I'm the same...because normal life and normal eating = normal me. This should hopefully sink in someday soon as the way it is. I don't know why I doubt myself so much...I am trying to be more positive about myself lately in this regard. When it comes down to it I'm just fine :)
And so now it's back to the insanity of too much stuff to do. I have a big meeting this weekend with a lot of data to present that I've been working up to (and not yet ready for) so I'm insanely busy on top of regular work and classes and lab work. AND I have a midterm tomorrow. Yes - my first midterm in 10 years. In biostatistics. Meep. If you hear a loud popping sound tomorrow from the north at wbout noon it's my poor little brain!

This morning I got up and went for a swim and it's been a great day with healthy food. I'm off for a supper break right now before it's back to data analysis...then home for some last minute cramming.

Hope you all had a nice weekend!

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